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It is a sincere pleasure that I accept honorary membership to the Indonesian Hollander Club. Over the last couple of years, I have watched some of the most passionate rabbit breeders escalate their progress and quality.
The high number of Holland Lops shown and the consistent successes on the Best In Show table are testament to all of your hard work. I am very proud of you all.
The years ahead for rabbits in Southeast Asia and Indonesia look strong and bright. I have no doubt that the Holland Lop will continue to be one of the leading breeds in quality and interest.
As such, the IHC will unquestionably help to ensure the success of the Holland Lop and the growth of the fancy in Indonesia. Cheers to the first ARBA chartered Holland Lop club in Southeast Asia!

Allen Mesick
ARBA Judge #854
Allen Mesick - Indonesian Hollander Club


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